2017 Gift Guide: Charities & Causes

2017 Gift Guide: Charities & Causes, Design*Sponge

Every holiday, we find ourselves tracking down gift after gift for the people we love. It truly is the most generous time of year. While this generosity is bound to put a smile on the faces of those we love, what if we strove for more? What if we sought out additional outlets for giving to others and extra ways to bring joy or a helping hand to those in need?

That being said, I say we make a pact. A pact to make this holiday the most charitable to date. And guess what? Now more than ever, companies are making it easier to help those in need. Some employ the “one-for-one” concept, some partner with charities to design fashionable goods, and others offer shoppers the option of sending products directly to those in need. No matter the strategy, each one of the 15 charitable gifts we’ve rounded up for you all today is bound to do a world of good. Scroll down to check them out. Happy Holidays! —Garrett

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