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A Colorful Atwater Village Home for Two Photographers

It makes sense that a couple with so many artistic endeavors would live in a space as creative and always-evolving as they are. Today we’re taking an updated peek inside the colorful Atwater Village, Los Angeles home of Caroline and

Why It’s Time To Make a Mood Board

It’s true — fall is here. Of course, we all knew that, but I really knew it yesterday when the afternoon sun peeked in my office window and it was different. It had a fleeting, almost eclipse-feel and it hit me

Creating a Home with History and Heritage in Atlanta, GA

Home Economics was a required course in 7th grade. I learned how to make French toast and use a serger. After that, it was possibly an elective, but not a course that I knew of anyone taking during high school.

A Recipe, Giveaway & Tips for Volunteering from Feed The Resistance

Every time I talk about volunteering with someone who has been doing so for a long time, the same nodding-in-unison happens about two minutes into our chat. No matter what kind of volunteering we’re talking about, we always agree that

Running a Sideline Business? 5 Tax Issues You MUST Consider

Today, many people have a sideline business to make extra money, to test a business concept, or to just enjoy a different type of work. The gig economy, where self-employed individuals find freelance and other business opportunities through such online

An Interior Designer’s Fresh Start in West Hollywood, CA

One of the things that makes interior design so powerful is its ability to affect how we feel. And no other time is that more evident than when things get a bit sticky. Less than a year ago, interior designer Orlando