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Floral Collages by Ben Giles + Best of the Web

One of my favorite ways to discover new (to me) artists is to scroll through the archives of the Google Doodles page. So many amazing creatives have made original artwork, collages and animations for Google’s search home page. This week

2017 Gift Guide: Books & Magazines

My mom is someone who I always turn to for all things related to books. She’s read just about any and every book I can think of and she certainly gave me my love of books from a very early

In Nevada City, a Rustic Retreat Handcrafted with Love

There’s one debate my boyfriend and I keep having time and time again — I want to stay in an apartment in the city, he eventually wants a house and a garden, if not a bit of land, too. But

Finding Beauty in Weeds with Swallows & Damsons

The everyday is beautiful. Steam from a cup of tea, patterns of condensation on cold windows, the gems of wisdom that one of my young sons imparts or the small acts of kindness from strangers. Once you begin to, as Constance

Earth Tu Face DIY Bath Recipes

Just in time for the stress of the holidays, Bay Area-based brand Earth Tu Face is sharing two different recipes with us for bath soaks! Whether it’s the reason you’ve fallen in love with the brand, or you’re just now being introduced,

How to Change Your Business When You’re Already Established

Have you ever wondered what it would be like (or, experienced it yourself) to have an established, independent business and realize that you don’t love what you’re doing anymore? You’re working too many hours, you’re exhausted, it’s taken over your