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Will Uber’s Data Breach Cover-up be the Final Straw for Its Most Loyal Users?

(DETROIT) — Uber has managed to hold the title of world’s largest ride-hailing service despite its seemingly endless string of scandals. Its latest misbehavior involving a data breach cover-up revealed this week could be the impetus for people to ride

Uber Hack Jeopardized the Personal Information of 57 Million Users

(SAN FRANCISCO) — Uber is coming clean about its cover-up of a year-old hacking attack that stole personal information about 57 million of the beleaguered ride-hailing service’s customers and drivers. The revelation Tuesday marks the latest stain on Uber’s reputation.

12 iPhone X Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Apple’s decision to remove the home button means there can be an unexpected learning curve when using the iPhone X for the first time. Many tasks that used to be executed by tapping or holding the home button, like launching

4 Futuristic Features Every Retail Store Will Have by 2025

This fall, Nordstrom opened a new store in West Hollywood, Calif., called Nordstrom Local, that didn’t actually stock clothes you can buy. Instead, you can get manicures, try on clothes, talk to stylists and consultants about fashion, and meet with

These Are the Best Apple Black Friday Deals

Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, is nearly here. And for anyone who has been eyeing the new iPhone, you’re in luck. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are offering dozens of Black Friday

A Leonardo da Vinci Painting Just Sold for $450 Million. …

For a painting worth nearly half a billion dollars, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is far from perfect. The 500-year-old portrait of Jesus Christ has a shady past that includes ownership by King Charles I, a 160-year disappearing act and