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How Google’s New Pixel 2 Compares to the Best Smartphones

Google just unveiled its new Pixel 2 smartphones, which include a more sophisticated camera, improved screen and more features that take advantage of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual helper. But the space is getting awfully crowded: Apple unveiled three new

9 Smart Things You Can Do With an Old iPhone

If your aging iPhone is too old or damaged to trade in for whatever you think it’s worth, here’s some good news: As long as it can still connect to a wireless network—and every iPhone from the original 2007 model

Here’s How to Watch Apple’s New iPhone Announcement Live Online

September is here, which means a new iPhone announcement is likely on the way, and if you want to watch it live, we’ve got you covered. Apple’s much-anticipated September 12 presentation is the first event being held in the Steve

What Will Apple’s New iPhone Be Called? We Rounded Up the Possible Names

While Apple has kept understandably quiet about its next iPhones, incessant leaks have painted a picture of what we can expect: a new design with an OLED screen that dominates the phone’s front, a 3D sensor for facial recognition and

Lyft Will Now Pick Up Riders Anywhere in These 40 States

Ride-hailing company Lyft has announced that drivers will now pick up passengers from any destination in 40 U.S. states. A statement released by the company Friday states that nine out of 10 Americans now have access to a Lyft ride

This New Star Wars Toy Is LEGO’s Biggest and Most Expensive Set Ever

Get ready, Star Wars fans. LEGO’s just-announced Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon will be the largest — and most expensive — set the company has ever sold. The new Millennium Falcon LEGO set includes a whopping 7,541 pieces, and comes