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To calm your emotions, get 15 minutes alone

Being by yourself—even for just 15 minutes—may decrease your strong positive and negative emotions, and instead reduce stress and induce calm, a new study suggests. “Solitude can be valuable and useful at times, particularly when we want to switch off

Food cues boost our cravings but not our pleasure

Food cues—like smelling French fries or seeing photos of them on a menu display—can amp up our hunger and cravings, but not our enjoyment. “Food-related cues can make people want or crave food more, but don’t have as much of

Reducing ‘stress granules’ may slow Alzheimer’s

Reducing “stress granules,” gritty blobs of RNA that form when things like heat, viruses, or toxins stress a cell, may be a new way to fight Alzheimer’s disease. A slice of brain riddled with Alzheimer’s disease holds two unmistakable hallmarks:

These Black Friday deals can trick you into spending more

Promotions that involve spending a certain amount at a store to get a gift card may make you spend more than you normally, report researchers. This is thanks to a phenomenon called “mental discounting.” “…consumers should carefully consider these offers

Swabbing dolphin mouths reveals bacterial ‘dark matter’

Researchers have found two previously unknown phyla of bacteria inside the mouths of dolphins. A phylum is a broad taxonomic rank that groups together organisms that share a set of common characteristics due to common ancestry. The discovery of two

Gene mutation extends life and health of some Amish

Scientists have discovered the first genetic mutation that appears to protect against multiple aspects of biological aging in humans in an extended family of Old Order Amish living in the vicinity of Berne, Indiana. An experimental “longevity” drug that recreates