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Wearable gadget could shield your voice from hackers

A security-token necklace, ear buds, or eyeglasses could eliminate vulnerabilities in voice authentication—the practice of logging in to a device or service with your voice alone. Talking to electronics has become a popular—even essential—way to command them. In our Internet-of-Things

Moons work together to hold Saturn’s largest ring in place

After examining data from NASA’s Cassini mission, astronomers have concluded that the teamwork of seven moons keeps the planet’s A ring—the largest and farthest of the visible rings—corralled. For three decades, astronomers thought that only Saturn’s moon Janus confined the

Grapes may offer drug treatment for COPD

A naturally-derived compound from grapes could be a potential drug candidate for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The inflammatory lung disease is associated with a high mortality rate and currently lacks an effective anti-inflammatory agent to halt its progression. Lin Haishu

Androgen receptor affects the spread of kidney cancer

A new study describes the unique role of androgens in kidney cancer, and it suggests that a new approach to treatment, targeting the androgen receptor, is worth further investigation. The laboratory of Chawnshang Chang, professor of pathology, urology, and radiation

More and more pests are defeating biotech crops

Pest resistance to genetically engineered crops increased by more than fivefold in the past decade, yet some pests remain suppressed. Now scientists are discovering why they adapted quickly in some cases but not others. In 2016, farmers worldwide planted more

People learn faster with synced brain waves

Electrical stimulation can quickly—and reversibly—increase or decrease executive function in healthy people and change their behavior, research suggests. These findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may someday lead to tools that can enhance normal brain