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Questions game makes end-of-life planning easier

Researchers have developed a game designed to help players plan for end-of-life care in advance. “…not only is the game a positive experience, but it also helps motivate players to engage in advance care planning behaviors…” Few people may want

Head Start may keep kids out of foster care

Head Start programs may keep young children from being placed in foster care, new research suggests. Kids up to age five in the federal government’s preschool program were 93 percent less likely to end up in foster care than kids

For marginalized teens, activism may lead to better jobs

Social action and engagement may help marginalized teens in their careers later in life, particularly if teachers help them discuss and engage with social issues, new research suggests. “We have strong evidence that directly addressing and challenging—instead of avoiding—inequality is

Drying Africa sent early humans in search of greener pastures

Humans migrated out of Africa as the climate shifted from wet to very dry about 60,000 years ago. Genetic research indicates people migrated from Africa into Eurasia between 55,000 and 70,000 years ago. Previous studies have suggested the climate must

Americans are working longer but aren’t as healthy

Americans born in 1960 will be able to start collecting their full Social Security retirement check at the age of 67—two years later than their parents—because of a change in the federal retirement age enacted in 1983. But today’s pre-retirement

Microneedle patches may one day dissolve ‘love handles’

A new medicated skin patch turns energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat and raises the body’s overall metabolism, report researchers. The patch, so far only tested in mice, may one day burn off pockets of unwanted fat and treat