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Discussing death doesn’t harm doctor-patient bond

Talking through bad news can be good for the doctor-patient relationship, research shows. The researchers cite an example of a difficult question from an actual conversation in an oncologist’s office: “Have you had thoughts about stopping the chemotherapy and focusing

Does the right diet depend on your genes?

One diet may not suit everybody, new research suggests. “Dietary advice, whether it comes from the United States government or some other organization, tends to be based on the theory that there is going to be one diet that will

Volcano in New England? Maybe, but not for millions of years

Slowly but steadily, an enormous mass of warm rock is rising beneath part of New England. But don’t worry—a major volcanic eruption isn’t likely for millions of years. “The upwelling we detected is like a hot air balloon, and we

Watch: This robot swims like a manta ray

Researchers have created an aquatic robot called MantaDroid that mimics the swimming locomotion of manta rays. The robotic manta ray, which swims at the speed of twice its body length per second and can operate for up to 10 hours,

Our brains ‘blink’ when we shift focus

When you shift your attention from one thing to another, your brain “blinks” between focusing on the two things, researchers report. The blinks are short unconscious gaps in visual perception and came as a surprise to the team of psychologists

Fluorescent dye finds ‘lost’ ocean microplastics

The smallest microplastics in the oceans— many as small as 20 micrometers or the width of a human hair—go largely undetected. A new inexpensive method that uses a fluorescent dye could offer a way to distinguish them from other natural