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Can a Mobile App Save Your Construction Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Like any other business, the foundation of a successful construction business depends on effective communication and documentation. And this is where many construction companies — especially the small businesses — tend to struggle. The Rise of Mobile Construction Apps That’s

The Challenge of Measuring Influencer Marketing Results

Brands aren’t always sure how to measure results from influencer marketing campaigns. But there’s an easy way to rectify that problem — consider your brand’s goals before actually launching a campaign. Small Business Trends caught up with Geno Prussakov of

The Power of Testimonial Videos for Amazon Product Pages

If you’re not including testimonial videos on your ecommerce product pages, especially on Amazon, you could be missing out on a lot of sales. Small Business Trends caught up with Frank Morelli of Gen Video at the recent Influencer Marketing

10 Inspirational Business Biographies to Spark Your Inner Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs offer a powerful service to the world. They take an idea that exists only in their heads and turn it into reality. In the daily grind of emails, phone calls, and to-do lists, this powerful vision can get lost. Don’t

Attend This Facebook Live Event to Give Your Local Marketing a Boost

What’s the one big secret to local marketing success? To answer that question, you’ll need some input from an expert. And you can get just that with an upcoming Facebook Live event, “One BIG Secret to Local Marketing – with

What’s Your Number 1 Reason to Attend Business Conferences?

Do you enjoy attending business conferences on behalf of your small business? The first time you went, you were probably excited. Then you go to one or two and you start to find the reasons to not go to future