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70% of Your Employees May Want to Work From Home this Holiday Season

In between opening Christmas presents and cooking the turkey, a whopping 66 percent of employees will be checking work emails on Christmas Day. This was the finding of a survey by West Unified Communications Services on remote workers and changing

8 Things Every Startup Owner Should be Thankful For

It’s never a bad time to take stock of all the things in your life that help you run your small business every day. Perhaps there’s no better time than now however, to pause for a moment and give thanks

Brother Business Survey Highlights Challenges of Small Business Management

When starting your small business, you hoped you’d be able to create a new culture leaving behind some of the problems of the big corporate world. Well, the results (PDF) of the 2017 Brother (TYO:6448) Business Survey show that small business

10 Myths About Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Sponsored Post When you first propose moving your small business to the cloud, you’re likely to get some pushback. A small part of this resistance is the opposition change always brings. People like the status quo more often than not

Blockchain Investment Services: What Small Business Owners Should Know

All economies are built on the basic premise of bartering. Before the creation of currencies, humans exchanged goods by trading one good (or a basket of goods) for another. If someone wanted some of his neighbor’s catch from the day,

Attract Top Talent with a Great Culture, Learn More in This Upcoming Twitter Chat

If you want the best small business team, you need to create a culture that’s going to attract top talent. That’s no small feat. But it can be made easier with expertise from business culture experts. An upcoming Twitter chat