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Why Vegeta and Goku’s Dragon Ball Rivalry Works So Well

Goku’s rivalry with Vegeta has been running for nearly 30 years. Their first fight began in the Dragon Ball manga in 1989. Since then Vegeta’s obsession with Goku has become one of the greatest conflicts in the franchise. Goku has had

‘Far Cry 5’ Director Talks The Alt-Right & Making Games That ‘Mirror’ Real Life

For much of the general public, video games are still  sadly seen as little more than throwaway entertainment. Thanks to its simplistic and innocent origins, much of the older generation wrote off the medium as little more than glorified toys back in the ’80s.

10 Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Anime occasionally gives off the impression that it’s less than kind in the way it represents its female characters. With busty babes, giggling gaggles of schoolgirls, and an abundance of ever-so-short skirts and skimpy outfits, many outsiders may unfairly judge the genre. However,

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Book II Update is Proof Mobile Will Be King for Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes is likely not the most well-known game from Nintendo to hit mobile devices. After proclaiming their entry into the mobile gaming market, the company launched Super Mario Run — featuring everyone’s favorite adventuring ex-plumber — launched last December

Exclusive: Deleted ‘Atomic Blonde’ Scene Sees Charlize Theron Let Her Guard Down

Exclusive to FANDOM, this deleted scene from Charlize Theron action thriller Atomic Blonde sees her character Lorraine Broughton drop her guard while in bed with Sofia Boutella’s Delphine. The pair lie close together, with Delphine nestled on Lorraine’s chest as Lorraine

Where Would You Live in Artemis?

You have the chance to move to Artemis – the first, and so far, only city on the moon. Artemis is divided into five “bubbles,” each distinct from the other with their own character and atmosphere. Take our quiz to